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Shelter In Face - Key Lime
Shelter In Face - Blood Orange
Shelter In Face - Back Label
Shelter In Face - Beard Sanitizer - Key Lime
Shelter In Face - Beard Sanitizer - Key Lime
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Shelter In Face - Beard Sanitizer - Key Lime


When you can't stay in place, Shelter In Face!

Shelter In Face was created to turn your beard into an on-demand sanctuary of cleanliness.

This anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-viral beard and facial spray harnesses your body's own natural defense mechanisms. It was designed to not only keep you clean in a dirty world while conditioning your hair, but to also tone your skin in the process.

Shelter In Face is a beard sanitizing spray made with all naturally derived ingredients.

This is the ONLY beard sanitizer on the market that doesn't contain alcohol. Why not use alcohol you ask? Because it's terrible for your skin and hair! It will dry out your face and beard faster than it kills germs. Even worse, most alcohol based sprays don't contain enough alcohol to kill anything besides the moisture in your skin and hair making you flakier than a croissant. 

Size: 2 fl oz


Distilled Water, Leucidal Liquid SF, Vegetable Glycerin, Propanediol, Poly Suga Mulse D9, Essential Oils

Hypochlorous Acid
A powerful antimicrobial oxidant, produced by white blood cells. 100% safe, chemical-free, non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-irritating, and all-natural. Intrinsic to our immune system, HOCl leads in the fight against a wide range of harmful bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Soothes and repairs skin while reducing inflammation.

Leucidal Liquid SF
A probiotic-based preservative ingredient created by the fermentation of Lactobacillus. Capable of restricting the growth of other microorganisms providing a broad spectrum of antimicrobial protection.

Poly Suga Mulse D9
A fragrance solubilizer made from 100% bio-based raw materials used for oil-in-water emulsification, dispersion, or solubilization of fragrances and all types of oils.

A clear, odorless liquid that's naturally derived from corn glucose, or corn sugar. It reduces moisture loss and improves skin texture.

Vegetable Glycerin
A clear, odorless liquid produced by plant oils. A well-known humectant, a substance that attracts moisture to the skin, keeps your face and beard hair from drying out as it locks in moisture and conditions.


Scent Key Lime

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