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Slaughter Sack - Variety Pack - LIMITED AVAILABILITY

$ 50.00

Can't Decide?
Get all 4 In a Bloody Burlap Sack! Limited Edition!

About This Beard Oil:

If you like having a beard but don't like being able to use it as a scouring pad, you need beard oil. It's not just good for the hair on your face, it's also good for the skin underneath. Healthy skin is key to a healthy beard.

This beard oil is made by hand in small batches and actually tested on live animals against their will. Obviously by live animals we're referring to our friends and by against their will we mean they beg us for free stuff. These GWAR oils are no different. Always bottled, capped and labelled while listening to GWAR by a Bohab or two.

Our ingredients are expensive, we pay too much for quality packaging and have way too much fun with weird ideas. Because of this, you're always getting something awesome. Not white labeled oils from a factory in China.

Descriptions and Aroma Profiles:

Blothar's Berserker Sauce
The only beard oil to transcend time, keeping even the most brutal warriors beard soft and cuddly throughout a millennia.
When you've seen genocide so many times, you just want something nice god dammit! Like beard oil that smells of Siberian fir, Black Pepper and roses.
Piney and Herbal. Manly AF.

Big Smelly Hippy
Grab some granola and lube up that crumb dumpster with this surprisingly fresh smelling beard oil crafted from the finest organic bullshit like lemon grass, basil and patchouli.
It's not soap, so hippies can use it too.
Lemon and Basil with an overtone of Patchouli

Nitro Burning Funny Beard
As ridiculously delicious as the name is... well.. Ridiculous.
Enough citrus in this one to cover up the stench coming out of that hair covered bong hole on your adorable little face.
Made with lime, grapefruit, sweet orange, lemon, neroli, black pepper and pine needle essential oils.
Citrus Skins, Grapefruit Juice and Pine

Lust on Face
-Intergalactic Aphrodisiac Blend-
Earth's women don't stand a chance against this unstoppable force made from lavender, neroli, sandalwood and patchouli essential oils.
You'll need special habitats for all the feral women following you around trying break off a piece of that sweet sweet face forest.
Citrus and Sandalwood
Based on the essential oil blend referred to as "Spanish Fly" 


Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Argon Oil, Borage Oil and Essential Oils

Size: 4 x 15ml - 2 - 4 Month Supply!

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