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All Natural Beard Products

All Natural Beard Products

Here at Doctor Nick's Amazing Man Stuff we take pride in having all natural beard products, and would love to explain some of the pros and cons.

Pros - With all natural beard products you are mostly talking about organic plant based ingredients. You know where your products are coming from.  You can also know how they were extracted from the plant and we love cold pressed! Natural beard products often tend to be more gentle on the skin as compared to harsh chemical based products. The real magic comes in once you blend different natural plant oils together. Some are fast absorbing and penetrating, and some are sealing/coating. This balance can make for such an amazing product, especially when compared synthetic products such as silicone. 

Cons - Nature is a beautiful thing but comes with some cons.  Nature is not consistent or perfect, so there is some variable change from batch to batch. This is often embraced in fields such as all natural apple cider or craft beer. With beard products we try to be as consistent as possible, but at the same time acknowledging the potential differences. Another con is allergies. You are more likely to have an actual allergy to a natural product as compared to something created in a lab. That is why it is important to know your allergies and/or to test on a small area of your skin. Scent strength and duration is almost always weaker with all natural products as compared to synthetic fragrances. If you prefer loud scents that last multiple days, then all natural is not for you. All natural scents are also limited in what you can use. Some love the smell of leather, but unfortunately you can extract or squeeze pure scent out of leather.

Above all it comes down to personal preference. Figure out what is best for your skin and what you value the most. We take pride in making all natural beard products and we do have any plans to change that!

Now sit back and enjoy that luscious man mane of yours, while you look and smell great!

Dan C

Master of Marketing

Doctor Nick's Amazing Man Stuff





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