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Hand Crafted Grooming Accessories

All of our wood accessories are designed and produced in-house using heirloom-quality materials obtained from local arborists, sawyers, and specialty lumber yards.

Heritage Collection

Heritage woods will be a constant for each product and include species such as Walnut, Oak, Cherry and Maple. These hardwoods are known for their durability and consistent predictable availability from our suppliers.

Exotic Collection

Exotic woods will be offered in extremely limited quantities and in some cases, will be one-off productions. Species include but are not limited to Black Limba, Purple Heart, Red Gum, Monkey Pod, Black Palm and Ebony.

Our sister company, Bigfoot Slabs Woodworking, provides the capabilities, equipment, and space needed to produce these products and the quality of their work comes through in each of these hand-crafted works of art.