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Benefits of Beard Butter

Benefits of Beard Butter

Beard butter can be one of the biggest game changers for your beard, and we do not use that term lightly here at Doctor Nick's Amazing Man Stuff. We spent a long time developing our beard butter to make sure it was perfect, because we know the great benefits there are with beard butter. Let's discuss the main benefits which would be nourishment, styling, and scent.

Nourishment - To get technical, beard butter offers different forms of nourishment that beard oil cannot provide. That would mainly include long chain fatty acids that are amazing for your beard hairs. Those long chain fatty acids make the butter solid, which your oil cannot do.  Most beard butters have a blend of different butter ingredients and oil ingredients. This duo is wonderful for the beard hairs because they get to do different jobs. The oils are designed to penetrate the porous hairs and the butters are meant to seal and coat them. This will lock in the moisture that we want to keep in your beard. The beard butter is a natural moisturizer for your beard hairs. Especially if you use beard butter while you sleep, you will get tons of benefits to make your beard feel amazing when you wake up!

Styling - While the main purpose of beard butter is for the health of your beard, you also get a little boost of styling. Most beard butters do not have wax, which is traditionally associated with a natural styling for a beard. However, the solid butter ingredients help to add a little bit of control for your flyaways and any frizz you might have. It can also knockout any static you have in a dry climate that can impact styling. It is just a nice and natural way to give yourself a little bit of control.

Scent - But Doctor Nick... you only offer unscented beard butter, why would you write a blog about scent being a benefit of beard butter? The magic is in the mixing. We offer an unscented beard butter because it is money saving for the consumer with this little trick: When you scoop out your desired amount of beard butter in your palm, just add a couple drops of your favorite scented beard oil in hand with the butter. Melt the butter down like you would normally, even with the oil on top. Now you have a scented beard butter and each day that same beard butter can be a new scent. Beard butter should be applied after beard oil so this will give you a little boost of scent any time you want being that it is the last product you applied. 

Now sit back and enjoy that luscious man mane of yours, while you look and smell great!

Dan C

Master of Marketing

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