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Do Derma Rollers Work For Beard Growth?

Do Derma Rollers Work For Beard Growth?

A lot of guys want to know, can dermarolling, microneedling, or using a derma roller help my beard growth and/or fill in patches? The answer is… possibly. We will explain in this blog. Here at Doctor Nick's Amazing Man Stuff we do not sell derma rollers, but we want every man to have the best beard possible. Because of that we will explore all possible topics. Let's take a look!

Collagen induction therapy (CIT), also known as microneedling, or dermarolling, is a cosmetic procedure that involves repeatedly puncturing the skin with tiny, sterile needles. Dermarolling was invented in 1995 with hopes to help heal scars. It was originally a tattoo gun with no ink. In 2006 we get the invention of the current derma roller for home use. Essentially the needles create micro injuries which triggers the healing process. There is a lot that goes into doing it properly, such as vitamin A and C treatments a month before starting. At home it should not be used more than twice or thrice a week for up to 100 times. This is not a blog on how to properly dermaroll though. We are just exploring if it can help.

Do they work?

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Well, there are exactly zero legit studies with derma rollers and beards. Lots of antidotal evidence from people’s experiences. The problem with that is it’s almost always biased and impossible to determine the other variables involved. Those wanting it to work, will find ways to make seem like it’s a miracle. Those wanting to expose it as fraud, will find ways to make it not seem like it worked. While we do not have studies on beards, we do have studies with derma rolling and hair growth and/or preventing hair loss. Here are some quotes from those studies:

“Home-use dermarollers are prescribed to patients who are using minoxidil, and a better hair growth is observed.” Here is another one “microneedling shows some promise in improving hair growth, especially in combination with existing techniques.” I will link those studies and reviews below.

To summarize it seems like there is some promise there. It also seems like it helps with other hair growth techniques like minoxidil or combinations such as castor oil and peppermint essential oil. If you are REALLY eager, look into the risks and proper procedures more for yourself.

Now sit back and enjoy that luscious man mane of yours, while you look and smell great!

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