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Beard Products in Which Order?

Beard Products in Which Order?

You have decided to grow a beard for the first time or you have decided simply to start really taking proper care of it for the first time. Proper beard care and grooming can help your beard look better, feel better, and smell better. There are tons of different beard products out there, but step one is figuring out in which order should you use them. To answer directly in the first paragraph, you should use beard oil first, followed by beard balm OR beard butter. We will explain why and take a quick look at other beard products outside of the main ones mentioned.

Beard Oil First - Beard oil should be applied first to a damp beard. This can be done after you dry your beard out of the shower or you rinse in the sink. You want your beard damp but not dripping. This is going to help spread the product more easily and evenly. It will also give you a little boost of hydration because oil will lock in the water that is in the porous hairs. Beard oil should be applied directly to the skin first and then worked throughout the entire beard. This will give your skin the nourishment it needs to fight beard itch and beard dandruff. It will also help the hairs look and feel their best as well.  A key ending before the transition to any other products or heat is that you want to let the beard oil settle for 5 minutes. This will allow the beard oil to do its job properly.  Next you will...

Beard Balm or Beard Butter - After you have waited 5 minutes for your beard oil to settle in, you have a few options. If you use heat to style your beard, you will want to do that first after the first 5 minutes.  You also can do nothing after beard oil. Simply applying beard oil or beard oil and heat for the day is totally fine.  However, if you want a little help with styling, nourishment, or scent... you can follow with a beard balm OR beard butter. You should never use beard balm and beard butter at the same. Both products should focus on the beard hairs and not worked down to the skin. Beard balm is generally going to give you a more firm hold for your styling. Beard butter will give you more nourishment and a light hold. You do not want to use any solid products before heat. A very common practice is to save beard butter for night time, but once again just make sure you are applying to a damp beard.

Other Beard Products - Beard and/or mustache wax should be treated the same beard butter and beard balm. For in shower rinse out products like beard wash or beard conditioner, you will want to do those before any beard products and find a rotation for them that matches your lifestyle. If you sweat and get dirty, wash your beard. Follow with conditioner just a few times a week. A good rule is to always use beard oil after a shower. 

Summary - Beard oil after every shower/bath. Wait 5 minutes. Heat optional. Balm or Butter. 

Now sit back and enjoy that luscious man mane of yours, while you look and smell great!

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