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How to Stop Beard Itch?

How to Stop Beard Itch?

Beard itch has caused the death of many potentially great beards. Getting through those early days of itch and beardruff can be very difficult if you do not know what you are doing. There are some key factors that can help your overcome and even get rid of that beard itch. Those factors would include internal hydration, beard oil, exfoliating, and beard wash.

Internal Hydration - Your internal health will always dictate the external health of your beard. Staying properly hydrated is so important for your beard to look and feel good. If you are not drinking enough water your skin will dry out. That dry skin will be the main culprit of your beard itch. A good rule of thumb to strive for with drinking enough water is to take your body weight in pounds, and try to drink half of that number in ounces. You want to drink it consistently throughout the day. This will greatly reduce the beard itch

Beard Oil - The natural oil produced by your body is called sebum and it is a wonderful lubricant that soothes the skin all over your body. Unfortunately most men do not produce enough sebum oil under their facial hair to relieve the itching. This is where a good quality beard oil blend comes in to save the day. An all natural beard oil like one from Doctor Nick's Amazing Man Stuff is designed to help fight the beard itch.  Apply your beard oil to the skin under the beard after a shower or bath, and then work the oil throughout the beard. 

Exfoliating - Beardruff or beard dandruff can be a result of beard itch and can actually compound the problem. It simple is the stacking of dead skin cells that build up and eventually shed off. This can be itchy, messy, and not a good look. A key factor in getting rid of the itch and the buildup is to exfoliate. That is the act of physically agitating the dead skin cells and removing them. This can be done in the shower with something like a shampoo scrubber or out of the shower with a comb. With the comb you will want to rake the skin and physically remove the dead skin cells. This is going to allow for much less beard itch.

Beard Wash - Washing your beard will remove build up from things like sodium from your sweat and dirt from your work, but it will also breakup those dead skin cells. A good quality beard wash will have a lather and the bubbles aid in this process. Once you are done washing you will want to make sure to replenish the oils you removed with beard oil. 

Now sit back and enjoy that luscious man mane of yours, while you look and smell great!

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